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Josephine  Miles

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jo miles  marge larney

The oral biography Josephine Miles: Teaching Poet, edited by Marjorie Larney, captures the acclaimed poet's reflections on 40 years of writing and teaching at the University of California, Berkeley.

Miles on the 60s
"It was just a really exhilarating time because of the students' energy and need. It was a lovely time for teaching. I taught more students, more fast, more motivatedly, more with their aid and help than ever before."

"The students would get together to raise money to leaflet, their constructive work. You always hear about the glass-breaking, but they raised lots of money to leaflet in the suburbs. My students made two to three magazines, which they wrote and printed, and collated out there on the patio. A thousand copies耀old for a dollar a copy. They'd sell every one.... And they'd buy anti-Cambodia [invasion by US troops] leaflets. And they'd go out to San Leandro and they'd talk to people, then come back and talk about the conversations.... I mean so much positiveness of the 60s will some day, I hope, come out."

ISBN 091479504X 96 pages $12.95


collecting lightchris hutchins

Collecting Light
features prize-winning poems  by Christina Hutchins. Included with the book is a CD of the poet reading all the poems in the volume.

Christina Hutchins was a finalist in the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry (1999) competition and won Second Place in the National Writing Award in Poetry, Prescott College, 1999, and First Place in the Villa Montalvo Biennial Poetry Competition, 1998. She has poems recently published in Thema, The Southern Poetry Review, The Cream City Review, Nimrod and Fireweed, and many other journals.

An ordained minister in the United Church of Christ (Congregational), she currently teaches process theology, field education, preaching, and lesbian/gay/queer theory at the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley.

ISBN 0914795056 50 pages $15.00

sonny wainwright

Stage V: A Journal Through Illness (1984) tells how  Sonny Wainwright battled breast cancer, and how the New York City women's writing community rallied to her side every step of the way.

From the Introduction by poet
Joan Larkin

"Sonny is my teacher in faith and persistence, in the determination to survive, to recover, and to write. To tell our secrets. And not to have to do it alone. Women need this!"

ISBN 0914795023 144 pages $12.95