Right side sunset  view of  Angkor Wat


In January 2001, I visited Siem Reap, Cambodia, to see Angkor Wat and nearby temples. I hope to return soon for a second visit, because it was so beyond what I had imagined. I was deeply impressed by the monumental beauty of the ancient buildings and equally moved by the kindness and warmth of the Cambodians I met during my brief stay.

If you plan to visit the Angkor temples, you probably will want to hire a driver and tour guide. The cost of US $20 pre day covers the driver and the car. It is an additional $10 for the 30 km trip to Banteay Srei temple. A guide costs $20 per day. During my three-day visit, I was very lucky to have Chhay Cheang as driver and Sophal Keo as guide. They work for the official government tourist agency in Siem Reap. I recommend them highly.

Chhay Cheang drives a late model air-conditioned Camry safely in challenging traffic and road conditions. He speaks English.
Cheang's suggestions for eating places and sidetrips, such as a boatride on the breathtaking Tonle Sap lake, all turned out to be great ideas that added even more enjoyment to an outstanding travel experience.

You can contact Chhay Cheang by e-mail cheang_chhay@yahoo.com

Sophal Keo also has good English language skills and teaches English to children in the evenings at her home. She shared her comprehensive knowledge about the architecture and background of the temples we visited. Sophal recently completed a certificate course on the art, culture, and history of all the temples in the Angkor area. She can be contacted through Chhay Cheang.